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New Zone Guide and Guild Trader UI Overhaul Review and Preview!

Wrathstone DLC and Update 21 are just around the corner, and while¬† most people are excited about¬† the dungeons I am more excited about the 2 quality of life improvements […]

New Event Ticket Items! Cadwell Motif Pages and Springtide Indrik Pet!

ESO: Wrathstone New Armor Sets!

ESO Update 21 Race Changes

Elsweyr and Wrathstone DLC All You Need To Know!!

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The “Differently Geared” Episode 13: #Learning

Its been too long!!! Wondering what its like for The “Differently Geared”  to  learn  new mechanics in new dungeons?  We will show you in the latest episode, Episode 13: #Learning! […]

Merch Store Now Open!! Differently Geared Shirt!

Dungeon Livestream with Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno!


Antiquities Guide!

LHey everyone!!  With the Greymoor expansion comes a brand new system!  This new system, Antiquities, will have you traveling all of Tamriel in search of lost artifacts, and the all […]

Elsweyr Skyshard Locations

How to Get Your Free Nascent Indrik Mount – Indrik Evolution Guide!

Indrik Mount Evolution Guide

Add-Ons Guide!


New Wrathstone Furnishings! Forge-Lord’s Great Works and Meridia Statue!

Here  is a look at  the new furnishings coming with the Wrathstone  DLC!  This will include the Forge-Lord’s Great Works furniture pack,  and Meridia, Lady of Infinite Energies Statue. After […]

The Frost Vault Chasm – Home Tour

The Elinhir Private Arena – Home Tour

Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone Preview!

Furnishing Pack: Deepmire Expedition