Luxury Furniture Vendor 9/28-9/30

Here is what is available this weekend at the Luxury Vendor at Cicero’s Food and General Goods!  Enjoy! Zenil Theran is a merchant that appears only on the weekends in Cicero’s Food and General Goods store Located in Coldharbor.  The inventory will rotate every week and the window he is there is  Friday 7:00 PM […]

ESO News

Summerfall Event Concludes! We Won the house!

Hurray!! We did it!! From Thursday, September 20 at 11:00AM EDT until Friday, September 28 at 10:00AM EDT Zenimax held their first in game Community event, in which players had to work together, across all platforms and servers,  to complete the Summerset Pathfinder achievement.  Players had to visit various locales in Summerset and Arteum, in order […]


Enchanted Sow Globe House!

Enchanted Snow Globe Home! This week on PTS I took the time to locate the new homes coming!!  If y’all don’t already know, I am a HUGE Christmas nut.  My bestie Sylvie (@sylviermoone a.k.a leader of the Angry Unicorn Traders) let me know there was a Snowglobe home datamined! She let me know where it […]