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Announcing Tamriel For Ta Ta’s – Charity Livestream Event!


Breast cancer awareness is a cause that is very special to me.   I wanted to do something super epic and amazing, while also playing the game I love, and involving the community I hold so dear.  So, I gathered as many as your favorite streamers as I could, and we came together and created this wonderful event that will allow us to raise funds, and have a ton of fun with y’all while doing it!

On the weekend of Oct 20-22, we will gather and try to raise as much as we can.  All proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The mission of NBCF

NBCF’s mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.  They offer Free, innovative programs that other organizations aren’r providing to women facing breast cancer so that no one faces breast cancer alone.  These programs include:

NBCF also offers free mammograms,  and with the average cost of health care rising, is vital to women in need.  On average over 80% of their revenue, is directed to their life saving programs.


When you partner with us to contribute to this cause with your financial gift, you will be providing educational resources for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their loved ones.  You will be providing free mammograms and other breast health services to people who can’t afford them,  making sure that no one gets turned away from these critical services.  You will help fund Patient Navigation programs that guide patients through and around the barriers of cost, fear, and misinformation of being screened for, or diagnosed with, breast cancer.  


YOU CAN HELP by making a contribution!  Even donations of $1.00 can impact someones life.

You can donate now!  You don’t even have to wait for our event!  If you wish to donate, visit our Tamriel for Ta Ta’s Event page.

Here is our schedule.


10/20/18 07:00 EST – 1:00 PM EST Retired8404

10/20/18 1:00 EST – 5:00 PM EST LadyAse

10/20/18 5:00 EST – 11:00 PM EST Stardancer

10/20/18 11:00 PM EST – 10/21/18 4:00 AM EST Sylviermooone

10/21/18 04:00 AM EST – 9:00 AM EST Daacu

10/21/18 9:00 AM EST – 1:00 PM EST Shimmmer

10/21/18  1:00 PM EST – 6:00 PM EST MrsBizz

10/21/18 6:00 PM EST – 10:00 PM EST Nesltar15

10/21/18 10:00 PM EST – 10/22/18 3:00 AM EST NewOwlHooDis



We really hope to see you all there!! Feel free to spread the word and share this link! Lets make some money #ESOFAM style!