Antiquities Guide!

LHey everyone!!  With the Greymoor expansion comes a brand new system!  This new system, Antiquities, will have you traveling all of Tamriel in search of lost artifacts, and the all new Mythic items.  You will need the Greymoor Expansion in order to participate in the new Antiquities System.


Elsweyr Skyshard Locations

The time has come to once again hunt for more skyshards!  The new Elsweyr Zone has 18 total skyshards.  10 out in the open or above ground, 6 in delves, and 2 in public dungeons.  Remember the public dungeon ones may be a little more difficult for you to solo as it is considered group […]


How to Get Your Free Nascent Indrik Mount – Indrik Evolution Guide!

Nascent Indrik Mount (left), Evolved Dawnwood Indrik (right). This year, Zenimax decided to spice things up and add a mount that you can earn in game for free, to get more people participating in the in-game events.  While earning the initial mount is a bit of a grind, it is when you decide to evolve it, or […]

ESO News

New Zone Guide and Guild Trader UI Overhaul Review and Preview!

Wrathstone DLC and Update 21 are just around the corner, and while  most people are excited about  the dungeons I am more excited about the 2 quality of life improvements that will be included in this update.   I recently hopped onto PTS to check it out and *queue girly squealing* OH MY GOSH I CAN’T EVEN […]

Fun Stuff!

The “Differently Geared” Episode 13: #Learning

Its been too long!!! Wondering what its like for The “Differently Geared”  to  learn  new mechanics in new dungeons?  We will show you in the latest episode, Episode 13: #Learning! Prefer cosmetic items to ones that actually grant armor? Do you loot during combat? Do people frequently leave your voip channel when you join? Do […]


The Elinhir Private Arena – Home Tour

Here is a video guide, showing  you the new Elinhir Private Arena home that is  coming to  Elder Scrolls  Online.     This home features traps  that you  can  set off  for dueling combatants, and a  pool of  lava.  I did a ceiling height  test, and  a lava build test,  so check the time  links for  […]