Indrik Mount Evolution Guide

How To Evolve The Nascent Indrik Mount! Q1 Dawnwood Indrik Evolution! Wondering how to evolve the Nascent Indrik Mount?  I have you covered in this new guide!  Includes information on the berries, how to get  them, and  other useful information regarding the Indrik Mount and the  evolution process.  Enjoy!


Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone Preview!

Hello everyone!  Today I am giving you a preview of the Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone!  This is on PTS right now, so exact cost of it is still unknown, but once its released, I will update this!   This Furnishing Pack Includes: Target Voriplasm x 1 (6mil HP Training Dummy) Plant, Dendritic Hist Bulb x […]

ESO News

Free Nascent Indrik Mount!!

Today ESO announced a new mount, the Nascent Indrik Mount!! If thats not enough, its FREE!  All you have to do is participating in the upcoming in game events! There are four upcoming events, The Witches Festival, The Clockwork City Celebration Event, The Undaunted Celebration Event, and the New Life Festival.  By participating in these […]


Furnishing Pack: Deepmire Expedition

Hello everyone!  Today we are taking a look at the items that come with the Furnishing Pack: Deepmire Expedition!  This is on PTS right now so we do not know the cost of the pack just yet.  As soon as its released I will update!  Lets take a look at the pack and whats included!! […]


Music Box, Blood and Glory – Preview

Hello everyone!!  Today we take a look at the new music box that is available in the crown store on PTS.  Being on the test server, we do not know yet the cost, or release date.  There is only one box right now on the PTS Crown Store called “Music Box, Blood and Glory”.   Lets […]


Luxury Furniture Vendor 10/5 – 10/7

Here is what is available this weekend at the Luxury Vendor at Cicero’s Food and General Goods!  Enjoy! Zenil Theran is a merchant that appears only on the weekends in Cicero’s Food and General Goods store Located in Coldharbor.  The inventory will rotate every week and the window he is there is  Friday 7:00 PM […]