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Summerfall Event Concludes! We Won the house!

Hurray!! We did it!! From Thursday, September 20 at 11:00AM EDT until Friday, September 28 at 10:00AM EDT Zenimax held their first in game Community event, in which players had to work together, across all platforms and servers,  to complete the Summerset Pathfinder achievement.  Players had to visit various locales in Summerset and Arteum, in order […]


Enchanted Sow Globe House!

Enchanted Snow Globe Home! This week on PTS I took the time to locate the new homes coming!!  If y’all don’t already know, I am a HUGE Christmas nut.  My bestie Sylvie (@sylviermoone a.k.a leader of the Angry Unicorn Traders) let me know there was a Snowglobe home datamined! She let me know where it […]


Add-Ons Guide!

ESO Add-Ons Guide! The next installment of my Noobing in Nirn series covers Add-ons!  In this guide I cover what add-ons are, how to find them, how to download them via direct download, and by using minion.  I also mention some handy suggestions for some add-ons for a new player!  Enjoy!!


Combat Mechanics Guide!

Are you a newer player wondering how combat mechanics work in ESO?  I have you covered in this new guide!  IT covers the basics like light and heavy attacking and what they do, and more advanced aspects like weaving and animation canceling!  Enjoy!


Relics of Summerset Achievement Guide!

Relics of Summerset Achievement Guide! Have you ever wanted to be a monkey in Elder Scrolls Online?? Well now you can!!! This guide will show you how to complete the Relics Of Summerset Achievement. Upon completion, you are awarded a housing item called the Fan of The False-Face, which when interacted with will turn you […]

ESO News

Summerset Class Changes

Summerset Class Changes! While at the playtest, we were informed of the Summerset Class changes. These are all in the testing phase, and they could very well change by the time we get to the actual chapter. So please don’t freak out just yet 😛 So here we go!!! Sunderflame and Night Mothers Gaze sets […]

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Zenimax Summerset Playtest Trip!

Back from my trip to ZOS for the Summerset Playtest! I was invited along with 11 other members of the community to travel to the Zenimax headquarters to playtest the new Summerset Chapter, and give feedback about the game in general! It was amazing fun, and I am so grateful to have been given the […]