Enchanted Sow Globe House!

Enchanted Snow Globe Home!

This week on PTS I took the time to locate the new homes coming!!  If y’all don’t already know, I am a HUGE Christmas nut.  My bestie Sylvie (@sylviermoone a.k.a leader of the Angry Unicorn Traders) let me know there was a Snowglobe home datamined! She let me know where it was because I was LEGIT losing my $h!t lmao!!  

This home will likely come over the Holiday season, during the New Life Festival.  There is no info yet on pricing.  It is considered Notable in size, and located in Eastmarch in the New Life Festival tent.  There is a snowglobe sitting on a table there in the tent, and when you interact with it, you shrink down and enter the home.   

Once inside, you can see the frosted glass, the tent outside the globe, the trees of Eastmarch and even the lantern on the table!!  It goes through a day/night cycle, and amazingly the view changes based on the cycle.  During nighttime, you can see the lantern on the table light up, and the beer mugs on a table farther away and the glass gets a little more frosty as you are illuminating the glass from within.  During the day some things outside arent quite as visable.  It is spectacular, and the most creative home idea!!  

Here is a tour of the home!! I hope you enjoy!!