Elsweyr Skyshard Locations

The time has come to once again hunt for more skyshards!  The new Elsweyr Zone has 18 total skyshards.  10 out in the open or above ground, 6 in delves, and 2 in public dungeons.  Remember the public dungeon ones may be a little more difficult for you to solo as it is considered group content, unless you have high Champion Points.  

The achievement offers the following hints:

  1. Near Riverhold, where the river falls
  2. In the ruins where Poachers Prowl
  3. At the creek’s end, where shadows dance
  4. In a cart among Rimmen’s canes
  5. In a shattered crate beneath the Snitches
  6. In a hidden cave beneath the Moon Gate of Anequina
  7. Overlooking the buzzing hives of Merryvale farms
  8. Behind a burned out farmhouse
  9. In the Shadow of a dragon’s Wings
  10. On the ridgeline overlooking Ashen Scar
  11. In The darkest depths of Orcrest, where all pipes converge – Orcrest Public Dungeon
  12. On an altar, deep within the Rimmen necropolis – Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungon
  13. On an unsteady ledge, buffeted by the desert wind – Desert Wind Caverns Delve
  14. Tucked away on the highest scarp of Predator Mesa – Predator Mesa Delve
  15. At the mouth of a cave, in an ignoble abode – Abode of Ignominy Delve
  16. On an oil-slick island in Darkpool Mine – Darkpool Mine Delve
  17. Hidden in the Tangle undergrowth – The Tangle Delve
  18. Protected by the armored guardians of the serpent tomb – Tomb of the Serpents Delve

Here is a Map showing their locations.

I have completed a video guide showing you the locations, and the most efficient way to get them.  It is linked below.  Enjoy and happy skyshard hunting!!