Latest Past Events

At ZOS for Elsweyr Playtest!

I was  fortunate to be invited back to Zenimax Online Headquarters this year to play test the new Elsweyr Chapter!  I am going to try and maybe do a few IRL streams while there!  But during these times I will not be scheduled streaming!

Companions Podcast!

Join me on Jebro's twitch channel for  his Companions podcast!  We will be joined by other ESO Stream Team Guests  DottzGaming and BlondeZaile!  We will be doing the new  Wrathstone dungeons!

New Wrathstone Dungeons BLIND with The Differently Geared!

Join me, Sylviermoone, Steve, and Philgo as we  blindly navigate our  way through the new Wrathstone Dungeons blind!  There will be laughter, tears,  and many deaths!  Join us for the ultimate fun!!