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Free Nascent Indrik Mount!!

Today ESO announced a new mount, the Nascent Indrik Mount!! If thats not enough, its FREE!  All you have to do is participating in the upcoming in game events!  

There are four upcoming events, The Witches Festival, The Clockwork City Celebration Event, The Undaunted Celebration Event, and the New Life Festival.  By participating in these events, you will earn “Event Tickets”.  This is a new account wide currency, of which you can hold a max of 12 at a time.  It takes 10 tickets to purchase a special feather.  There will be four unique feathers, one from each event, that you will need to collect in order to summon your FREE Nascent Indrik Mount!

Here is the article on the ESO Website.

Below you will find a in depth video, on how to get tickets and the events themselves.  Enjoy!!