Furnishing Pack, New Life Festival – Preview!!

Today, I am going to give you a preview of the new furniture pack coming this holiday season to Elder Scrolls Online.  Furniture Pack, New Life Festival, will be available on the crown store.   It is still on PTS, so the exact accurate cost of the pack, or individual pieces is unknown.  

This festive pack is full of goodies, and is guaranteed to make any house merry during the holiday season!  So lets get into it!

Winter Festival Hearth Fire x 1

Snow Pile x 2

Guar Ice Sculpture x 1

Mudcrab Ice Sculpture x 1

Vvardvark Ice Sculpture x 1

New Life Snowmortal, Argonian x 1

New Life Snowmortal, Human x 1

New Life Snowmortal, Khajiit x 1

Nord Chair, Lattice x 4

Nord Table, Great x 1

New Life Garland x 6

New Life Garland Wreath x 4

Winter Ouroboros Wreath x 1

New Life Cookies and Ale x 1

Nord Candleholder, Cup x 2

Lantern, Stationary x 2

New Life Triptych Banner x 2

Nord Rug, Bearskin x 1

Winter Festival Hearth x 1

New Life Festive Fir x 1

New Life Ladle x 1

Book: A Tale of Two Festivals

Here are some screenshots I took of the items placed.  I added candles to the garland.

Also, here is a video of the items in action!  Enjoy!! Happy Holidays!!