Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone Preview!

Hello everyone!  Today I am giving you a preview of the Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone!  This is on PTS right now, so exact cost of it is still unknown, but once its released, I will update this!  


This Furnishing Pack Includes:

Target Voriplasm x 1 (6mil HP Training Dummy)

Plant, Dendritic Hist Bulb x 4

Plant, Hist Bulb x 2

Plant, Marsh Aloe x 2

Plant, Marsh Aloe Pod x 2

Sithis, The Hungering Dark x 1

Murkmire Throne, Engraved x 1

The Way of The Shadow x 1

Murkmire Brazier, Bowl x 2

Murkmire Candle, Bone Squat x 2

Murkmire Candle, Standing Shell x 4

Murkmire Candlepost, Driftwood x 2

Murkmire Candlepost, Timber x 2

Murkmire Candles, Bone Group x 2

Murkmire Totem, Beacon x 2

Murkmire Dias, Engraved x 1

Shrine, Sithis Figure Anointed x 1

Shrine, Sithis Looming Anointed x 1

Stele, Hist Cultivation x 2

Stele, Hist Guardians x 4

And thats it for the pack!!  I really love that Voriplasm target dummy!  Below you will find a video preview showing all the new shines in action!  Enjoy!