How to Get Your Free Nascent Indrik Mount – Indrik Evolution Guide!

Nascent Indrik Mount (left), Evolved Dawnwood Indrik (right).

This year, Zenimax decided to spice things up and add a mount that you can earn in game for free, to get more people participating in the in-game events.  While earning the initial mount is a bit of a grind, it is when you decide to evolve it, or change its look, that the confusion comes in and you realize how much of a convoluted grind fest it actually is.

How to Get the Base "Nascent Indrik"

So how exactly do you earn the mount? The initial “Nascent Indrik” is earned by participating in in-game events. During these events, players can earn 1-3 event tickets per day per account, depending on the event. Your character can hold a total of 12 max tickets. You can check how many your character currently has by going to your currency tab in your inventory.

After you get 10 event tickets, you will need to find the vendor called the Impresario. This vendor will ONLY appear during an in game event. If you visit her tent when there isn’t an event going on, it will be empty. The impresario will sell items that you can only purchase with Event Tickets. She will sell the feathers needed to create the Nascent Indrik Mount. You will find the Impresario outside of the cities of Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, and Vulkhel Guard in Auridon.

Impresario Location - Daggerfall
Impresario Location - Davon's Watch
Impresario Location - Daggerfall

While her inventory is constantly changing, and they will be adding more interesting things in the future, what you will be looking for the Nascent Indrik Mount are the feathers.  You will need to buy one of each: 

  • Emerald Indrik Feather
  • Gilded Indrik  Feather
  • Onyx Indrik Feather
  • Opaline Indrik Feather

Each feather will cost you 10 Event Tickets each, so you will not be able to purchase all of the feathers in one trip. You will be able to purchase the same type again, so if you are making your first mount, be careful and make sure you purchase one of each type so you can make your mount.

Once you have one of each type of feather, right click on one, and click use. You will see your character go through some fancy animations, and get a notification that the Nascent Indrik has been added to your Mount Collection.

Huzzah!  Free mount acquired!  Now you have  the chance  to evolve it into a different look…and this is where it gets confusing and tricky.

Evolving Your Nascent Indrik

Now that you have a Nascent Indrik made, you have the opportunity to change its look, or evolve it into a different look.  The way this works is similar to how you made the initial mount, in that you will be collecting event tickets and this time you will be purchasing berries from the Impresario.

There will be a total of 16 in-game events over the course of 2019, and they will be broken down to four events per quarter.  Each quarter, there will be a unique evolved Indrik look for you to earn.  You will only be able to earn that look during that quarter.  


Q1 Dawnwood Indrik
Q2 Luminous Indrik
Q3 Onyx Indrik
Q4 Opaline Indrik

Again, each quarter will unlock a different look, and you can only earn the items needed for that look during that quarter.  So if you want the white Opaline Indrik, you will need to wait until Q4 to earn the items needed for that evolution. 

So this quarter we are earning the items for the Dawnwood Evolution.  There are four events this quarter, and each event unlocks a new type of Berry.  You will need to purchase one of each type of berry from each event as it unlocks. 

  •  Midyear Mayhem Encore Event – Unlocks Dawnwood Berries Of Bloom
  •  Morrowind Celebration – Unlocks Dawnwood Berries of Budding
  •  Thieve’s Guild & Dark Brotherhood Celebration – Unlocks Dawnwood Berries of Growth
  •  Jester’s Festival – Unlocks Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness

Each in-game event will unlock a new berry, and the Impresario will also sell any berries from any previous events that quarter. So if you come in during the Morrowind Celebration, the vendor will have the New Dawnwood Berries of Budding, plus the Dawnwood Berries of Bloom from the first event. You will have to wait until the fourth in-game event of the quarter for the last berry to unlock for you to evolve your mount. IMPORTANT: You will be able to purchase more than one of each type of berry. You do NOT need more than one of each type. I am unsure why they allow this because having multiple of any berry does nothing for you as you can only evolve the mount into the Dawnwood one time.

Once you have all four berries, you will right click the berries in your inventory, and select use. This will then DESTROY your Nascent Indrik, and turn it into the Dawnwood Indrik.

Evolving Again, and Again, and Again...

So, as you can see here, after evolving the mount into the Dawnwood Indrik, your Nascent Indrik was removed from your collections. In order for you to evolve the mount again, you will first have to collect feathers again, and make another Nascent Indrik Mount. You will need to do this for EACH evolution if you decide you want more than one look.

So, each mount will cost 40 event tickets to make the Nascent Indrik, and 40 event tickets for the berries needed to evolve it into the new evolved Indrik.  This means each evolution will cost you 80 event tickets total.

It is possible to earn all four different skins. You can actually end up with 5 mounts total. It will cost you a total of 360 event tickets in order to have all four Indrik looks, and then make another Nascent Indrik to keep and not destroy for a total of 5 mounts.

This article, states they plan to add Event Tickets to the Crown Store late Q1.

The Impresario will be selling the feathers needed for the Nascent Indrik all year long, so you won’t have to worry about being able to make that, you will only be waiting on berries to unlock. It is important to remember that each look is unique to that quarter only. So once the 4th in-game event is over this quarter, you will no longer be able to earn the Dawnwood Berries. So, if the look is what is important to you prioritize getting the berries first and feathers later as you will always be able to get the feathers, and the berries will disappear after the quarter is over.

Honestly, I feel like having to make a new mount every time we want to evolve is a little much. But of course as a collector and completionist, I will be getting each one. The Impresario’s inventory is about to get some new items soon as well! From tiny baby Indrik non-combat pets, to style pages relating to the companions, and some other goodies! I’ll keep you posted!

I have linked my video guide for the Indrik below. Y’all have a great day and happy Indrik grinding!