Lakemire Xanmeer Manor House Tour! – Murkmire Home

While on the PTS, I took the time to visit the new home located in Murkmire called Lakemire Xanmeer Manor!  It is located in North Murkmire.  The Entrance has two waterfalls on either side of a very tall staircase.  

When you enter the home, you see a large pyramid in front of you with a staircase on both the left and right leading up.  You also are at the top of the waterfalls you saw from the outside.  The water here you can stand in, and there are beautiful lily pads in the water.  You climb the stairs and the pyramid has ruins in the water in the front, and more beautiful waterfalls all around.  On the left of the pyramid, there is a little pool with a whirlpool and a walkway.  There are two entrances to the home, which is inside the pyramid.  You can enter through the whirlpool, which will take you into a large room with windows looking into the water.  You can see the fish swimming and the underwater life.  

From this room, you have one stairwell down, which takes you to a small room with two little bath type areas.  From that main room with the water windows, you have a stairway up that takes you to the room which is located in the top of the pyramid.  There is a ladder there that allows you to exit and be at the top of the pyramid.  

This home is seriously beautiful, and has a ancient Maya, Aztec look and feel to it.  Here is a tour of the home!  Enjoy!!