Music Box, Blood and Glory – Preview

Hello everyone!!  Today we take a look at the new music box that is available in the crown store on PTS.  Being on the test server, we do not know yet the cost, or release date.  There is only one box right now on the PTS Crown Store called “Music Box, Blood and Glory”.   Lets take a look at it!!

The box itself is quite lovely.  When turn off the box closes, and opens when turned on.  There is a new section in the housing editor under “Services”, called “Music Boxes”.  As this song only plays one song, “For Blood, For Glory, For Honor” theme.   As it plays only one song, and the category is called Music Boxes, it leads me to believe these will be sold per song in the crown store.  It is very quiet if you do not have your “Environment” turned up all the way in your audio settings, so make sure you turn that up if you are unable to hear it.  

While turned on, the box opens and the ratchet lever starts to rotate turning the cylinder.  The pins on the cylinder pluck the comb, producing the music you hear.  

I tested the radius of the box, as I wanted to know how far away you could be and still hear it.  If you have a smaller home, putting it in the middle of the room will allow you to hear it pretty much anywhere.  In larger homes you will have to buy a few in order to hear it everywhere.   This was a tad disappointing.    Here is an image showing my character and how far away she was from the box when she stopped hearing it.

All in all, I think it is lovely, and the song is very pretty.  I wish it were a little louder, and you could hear it farther away.  I also wished it played more than one song. 😛  Below you will find a video of the song and what it sounds like.  ENJOY!!