Relics of Summerset Achievement Guide!

Relics of Summerset Achievement Guide!

   Have you ever wanted to be a monkey in Elder Scrolls Online?? Well now you can!!!  This guide will show you how to complete the Relics Of Summerset Achievement.  Upon completion, you are awarded a housing item called the Fan of The False-Face, which when interacted with will turn you into a monkey for a short period of time!!! 

Fan of the False-Face
College of Psijics Ruins Location
The Psijic Codex: List of Dead Drops

This achievement requires you to collect cursed relics scattered around Summerset for Relic Master Glenadir  in the College of Psijics Ruins.  The College of Psijics Ruins is located in Arteum.  In order to access Arteum you must complete the Summerset main quest “The Queens Decree” up to the point where you are sent to Arteum.  Alternatively, you may also just simply open your friends list or guild roster and travel to a friend who is there.  

  You can do this quest one of two ways.  You can go to Relic Master Glenadir, and take the quest “The Vault of Moawita” which is easily completed in the same room as him, and he rewards you with “The Psijic Codex:  List of Dead Drops”, which is a book listing all the cursed relics you are going to have to find, along with hints on where to find them.  Once you collect them, you can take them all back to the College of Psijics Ruins and place them in their displays and complete the achievement that way.  

  The second way you can do this is by simply collecting all the items needed, then traveling to Relic Master Glenadir and taking the quest, then placing all the items without having to travel to Arteum Multiple times.   

It is up to you how you want to complete this.  


Cursed Relic Locations - Thieves Guild Dead Drops

Thieves Guild Dead Drop

  The Cursed Relics are in little chests called “Thieves Guild Dead Drops”.  Now Relic Master Glenadir told you these relics were cursed, and could cause some mayhem if left scattered around Summerset.  When you pick up each of the items out of the chest, they will have some sort of effect on you.  Worry not!  The effects are temporary and last only a few seconds.  


  Now lets get on  to the relics themselves, and where you can find them!  Below is a video guide showing all the locations of the Cursed Relics, and where you can find them.  There are time links in the description should you just need to find specific ones.