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Summerset Class Changes

Summerset Class Changes!

While at the playtest, we were informed of the Summerset Class changes.  These are all in the testing phase, and they could very well change by the time we get to the actual chapter.  So please don’t freak out just yet 😛  So here we go!!!  

Sunderflame and Night Mothers Gaze sets

There will be a significant change to stamina DPS in trials, as Sunderflame and Night Mothers gaze 5 piece set bonus for penetration will be changed to a minor and major buff. There penetration will not stack with other sources of major and minor fracture.  


Obsidian Shield: The moved major mending to this base ability, and removed the shield strength.

Igneous Shield: Gained the shield strength that was originally on Obsidian Shield.

Fragmented Shield: Removed the AOE damage from this morph, and now extends the duration of the major mending buff.

Ash Cloud: Has now been changed to a heal based ability.

Eruption: Has now been changed to a damage ability, and will function as it normally does.

Cinder Storm: Has been changed to a stronger form of the new base ability heal.

Obsidian Shield: This morph of Stone Fist will now provide 20% more healing and will be comparable to the Templar’s Rushed ceremony. Giving them a strong burst heal.

Stone Giant: Gained Minor Ward.

Cauterize: This morph of the Inferno ability, has had its range increased from 15 to 28 meters.

Empowering Chains: This morph of the Fiery Grip ability, has had its stacks of Empowered increased.  So it will give you more sustained damage when you get to the target.

Reflective Plate: This morph of Reflective Scales will now remove all snare effects, but will not grant immunity and removed minor ward from this ability.  Minor Ward was moved to the Storm Giant morph of Stone Fist.


Lightening Flood:  This morph of Lightening Splash has had its damage increased by 15%.  Now it will tick harder and have an increased radius than the Liquid Lightening morph.

Summon Charged Atronach: This morph of Summon Storm Atronach, has had its Atronach health increased by 70%.

Conjured Ward: Increased the base bonus absorption by 10%.

Hardened Ward: has had its bonus absorption decreased to 20% from 30%.

Empowered Ward: Increased bonus absorption by 10%.

Bound Armor: No changes to the ability itself, except that it is now no longer a toggle, and will offer some bonuses for just having it slotted.   They also increased block effectiveness by 20% for 3 seconds when activated and reduced the cost of activation.

Bound Aegis: gain Minor Resolve and Minor Ward while slotted.

Bound Armaments: Now increases light attack damage by 11% instead of heavy attack damage.


Unstable Familiar: Activating (pressing the button again) after summoning your familiar will activate AOE damage.   Morphs of this ability will remain the same.

Summon Winged Twilight:  Activating the ability after summoning your familiar, will heal a single target.  Morphs of this ability will remain the same.

Rune Cage:   This morph of Rune Prison has had its stun duration increased from 2.5 to 5 seconds.   This ability will now ALWAYS deal damage regardless if a player breaks free.   Players will now immediately take damage upon breaking free.

Defensive Rune: This morph of Rune prison has had its stun duration increased from 2.5 to 5 seconds.

Daedric Mines: Reduced the cost from 6480 to 5400.

Blood Magic Passive:  Self healing increased from 8% to 10%

Persistent Passive: Has been completely redesigned and now reduces the magicka and stamina cost of abilities by 15% after blocking an attack.  The 20% duration increase it previously provided has been added to base abilities.


Healing Ritual: Has been redesigned and is now a area heal, and instant cast ability.  The magicka cost is now 60% more than rushed ceremony.  

Hasty Prayer: Now gives minor expedition to allies.

Breath of Life: This morph of Rushed Ceremony has had its additional ally healing decreased by 30%.  

Honor the Dead: This morph of Rushed Ceremony will now refund magicka cost over 6 seconds instead of 8.

Solar Disturbance:  This morph of Nova now applies major maim to enemies in the area for 4 seconds.  If they run into the area and then out they will take the damage for 4 seconds.

Solar Flare:  You will now ALWAYS receive empower even if the player dodges.  

Puncturing Strikes:  Has had its heal increased to 40% from 35%.  

Enduring Rays Passive: Will now apply the debuff duration of major defile on Dark Flare Morph.  Will now be a flat 2 second increase in duration instead of 30%.

Burning Light Passive:  Will now supply more damage.


Manifestation of Terror:   This morph of Aspect of Terror has had its arming time reduced to 2 seconds from 3 seconds.

Dark Cloak:   This morph of Shadow Cloak has had its stealth removed.  It now heals you for 32% of your health over 3 seconds and provides minor protection.

Bolstering Darkness:   This morph of Consuming Darkness no longer reduces your own damage taken of 30% beyond the major protection buff.  The major protection buff will now last the entire duration for anyone who passes through it.  

Shadow Image:  This morph of Summon Shade, is now castable without a target.

Dark Shades:   This morph of Summon shade now only summons one shade which will now attack multiple targets.   It will now apply major maim.

Soul Siphon:  This morph of Soul Shred has had its radius increased from 15 meters to 28 meters.  

Debilitating Cripple:  This morph of Cripple has had it magicka return increased from 50% to 100% if the target dies.

Malevolent Offering:  Is now a burst heal, and no longer a heal over time.  You will now receive a DOT – and pay for it with your own health.  Confirmed you can kill yourself with this ability 🙂 The DOT is NOT purgable.  


Acrtic Wind (and all Morphs):  Has had its heal increased 20% on the initial heal.

Frozen Gate:  Added additional damage when enemies hit your trap.

Crystallized Shield (and its Morphs):  has had its magicka cost increased to 3200 from 2700.

Natures Grasp:  Will now provide 3 Ultimate when the HOT completes.

Bursting Vines:  Will provide 10 ultimate if the target is below 60% health.

Natures Embrace: Will now provide 3 Ultimate when the HOT completes, and could provide 6 Ultimate if it proc’s.

Subterranean Assault: This morph of Scorch has had its Debuff duration decreased to 5 seconds from 10.  It no longer applies Major Breach, only Major Fracture.  

Deep Fissure: This morph of Scorch will now apply Major Breach instead of stunning the target.